Hope: Made New!

Over the past few years, Trinity has celebrated the Advent season through the creation of an Advent Devotional booklet sharing stories and reflections on hope, joy, peace, and love. Today’s blog post features a story of hope shared in 2017 by Josh Flint.

Most Sundays, you can find Josh up in front, playing his guitar and singing with our worship team. You might also find him with his wife Christi, chasing their little ones in the foyer, loving on them and showing them the love God has for all of us.

Last year, Josh shared this testimony of God’s faithfulness in our Trinity Advent Devotional.  It is our hope that sharing it again will touch you as it has touched many lives already.

As we read Josh’s testimony, reflect on God’s promises in His word. No matter our circumstances, we have HOPE because He is doing something new!

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 43:18-19
God is doing a new thing in Josh’s life for all to see.

Thank you, Josh, for your faithful sharing of your testimony so that others can see God’s redemptive love at work!

In the year 2017, every facet of my life was tested and brought under a microscope.  The journey involved my family, my health, my marriage, and my spirituality. Next to my wife, my mom was hands down my best friend. On May 11, these words were emailed to me by my dad and changed me forever….” your mother is in st Elizabeth hospital on a breathing tube on heart ward room 2s26.”

          I didn’t know it at that time, but Mom was never going to walk out of that room. She died on May 18th, and I can honestly say that I was crushed. I was beyond lost. There were no words to describe how I felt.

Before this situation, I would drink, at times very heavily. I knew I had a problem but just couldn’t find the strength to stop. When Mom passed, I dove into a bottle and I almost couldn’t find my way out. A week after Mom’s passing, I hit a precipice and things had to change. Thank God I had enough wits to text Johnnie. He and Joe showed up and I know that this was the lowest that they had ever seen me. It was apparent that I had indeed come to a crossroads and something needed to change or I was going to be heading to a hospital or my grave. With some mentoring from some awesome friends, I found the help of a Christian counselor who said something that hit me like a freight train….”Josh you are an alcoholic.” I honestly argued with him until I just couldn’t any more. After many reservations, I found my way to AA and to my sponsor. From there my spiritual education began.

Praise be to Jesus, after almost 6 months now at the writing of this, the Lord has erased my desire to drink. The thought or smell of it makes my stomach turn. I have spent many hours reading the Bible, talking to Jesus and getting my life back. I have mended almost every fence that I have torn down. For the most part, everyone that was affected by my past life has forgiven me.

Maybe I should, but I do not regret any of this. If it wasn’t for these circumstances, I would not have found my true value to Jesus. I can tell you that the value that we place on ourselves doesn’t even come close to the value that Jesus has placed on us. To him, we are priceless.

My name is Joshua and I am an alcoholic! My hope for the future is strong in the Lord and I know that no matter what, I’ve got this because he’s got this. For me this isn’t just a saying, this is something I feel in my bones and in my heart. That old man does not exist anymore.  All those things do not matter anymore because I am a new man.

My name is Josh. I play guitar, I work in Indianapolis, but, more importantly, I’m a foster Dad!

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