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29 Reasons You Should Go To Church

There is always something that needs (or that we want) to be done. There are so many choices to be made. There are tons of options. When it comes to going to church, we can find reasons to stay at home, go on a trip, or just plain not go. We hear you that your struggle is real. But why should we go?

Faith was never meant to be a lone pursuit.

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Why Should I Vote?

So, you don’t want to vote, huh?

You have probably felt the emotional tug-a-war through this election campaign. At some point or even right now, you’re wondering, “why should I even vote?” I get that. I really do. I have felt that a few times. We all have felt the emotionally tiring struggle of this election. It’s exhausting, frustrating, and even worrisome that we have to make a choice between people who would never win a congeniality or moral contest. But here’s what I’ve been thinking. In the midst of all the debates, interviews, political parties, and politicians, there are real issues at hand. They may not always talk about them in detail, but we know they are there.

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